Web Development

Nearly 70% of websites of the websites are preferred to be developed in the server end language. Netqom's development team can provide you feature-rich website development options. We have helped many of us in developing attractive and innovative websites with enhanced functionality. Web development enables us to attain innovative website that helps our clientele to represent their goods and services.

Our web development services offer exceptional connectivity with almost every database including Sybase, Oracle, ODB, MySQL and many others. Our developed websites are compatible with every database as it is an open-source and can be used with different computing platforms including UNIX and Windows NT/2000 platforms, so it is the most appropriate for today’s varied network environments.

Netqom is a leading web design and developing service provider to global clients. Our team comprises professional developers that are specialized in PHP (LAMP), Java and its framework, MySQL, jQuery and JavaScript, Apache, Microsoft Technologies and much more. This enables us to offer remarkable solutions to our worthwhile customers. Our proficiency & strong knowledge in web development enables us to provide proficient services in a cost effective way.

The developed websites support all the rich features that include variadic functions, new exponentiation operator, constant scalar expressions, argument unpacking, extensions of the use statement for functions and constants.

Our broad range of Web Development services include:

  • 100% customized and rich featured web development solutions & proven high-quality development process with an aim to decrease cost & time frame.
  • Devoted 24/7 customer support, durable assistance with seamless communication by a call, Skype, Email, text chat, etc.
  • Follows superlative development practices, flawless core development with booming infrastructure & flexible engagement models to create innovative apps.

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