Search Engine Marketing

When people look for products and services online, they do not simply visit random websites in search of the things they need. Quite the contrary, they conduct a designated search; one that employs an appropriately named Internet tool known as a search engine. And this is why search engine marketing is critical to the success of both your business and your web presence.

Search engine marketing is a broad umbrella term which encompasses all forms of online promotion and advertising that are based on search engine usage. It involves the ever-popular SEO (search engine optimization), usually a no cost process which involves the targeting of specific keywords to build search engine rank; however, the term search engine marketing is used far more frequently to refer to paid, banner-style advertisements that appear at the top of search engine results.

Surely you have noticed these ads, which appear every time you insert a word or phrase into a search engine. They not only appear at the top of your list of search engine results; they are generally shaded or colored and topped off with bold print. The likelihood that you will click on these emboldened links first is extremely high; high enough, in fact, that search engines can charge quite a bit of money to place your company and your website most literally at the top of their list.

Of course you want your company to appear at the top of search engine results, especially if the search engine in question is Google, Yahoo!, or another leading engine. Yet you may not know how much search engine marketing will cost your company and just how to go about buying SEM ads.

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