Content Management System

With the rising content and mobile marketing, interacting online requires relevant, content-centric exchanges and web design compatibility with an infinite number of mobile devices. To meet the customer expectations, the website should be adaptive and provide a seamless experience across platforms and devices. For making the website more responsive Content Management System is used.

A content management system (CMS) is a web application that makes the authoring and delivery of content easy. A CMS needs two elements:

  • The content management application (CMA): This element allows the content manager, who does not know Hypertext Markup Language, to manage the creation, modify and remove content from a website without needing the expertise of a Webmaster.
  • The content delivery application (CDA): This element uses and compiles the information given by Content Management Application to update the website. Real-time customer's judgments and social data analysis allows to measure the content consumption patterns and the impact of the marketing campaigns, conclusively allowing to focus on enhancing the quality of content offered and identifying the new ways to transform customers into loyal brand advocates.

The main reasons for using the CMS is updation of the website on our terms, HTML knowledge is not required, redesigning of the site is easy, and it consumes less time, latest web functionality can be accessed and managing of entire internet marketing strategy is convenient under one roof.

Various Features of CMS are:

  • High Performance and Scalability
  • Extensibility and Integration
  • Stability of the system
  • Easy-to-use for content editors and site administrators
  • Advanced security management
  • Advanced work flow and approval process
  • Online marketing tools
  • Multisite support
  • Multilingual support
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Training services available
  • 24/7 highly responsive support
  • Reliable bug fixing policy
  • Easily upgradable and clear upgrade path
  • A solid, reputable vendor supporting the system

We at Netqom are experienced team and familiar with the usage of content management system. We believe in providing comprehensive functionality support to the content that is to be delivered to our clients. The kind of work our team does engage the visitors with an active online experience targeting their increasing and changing needs by providing a responsive design. We use customized CMS for different projects depending upon their needs and add semantic richness to the website. By choosing our services, you can reduce the cost of controlling your business. We value our customers and their reviews. Our priority is maintaining the standards keeping in mind the budget and customer’s satisfaction.

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